30 Jan 2012

The truth about life

So  back again are we? He he he.What I thought of writing here today, came to me suddenly.  I was walking down a residential lane in Delhi with my friend today. You know the kind, where the gardens are well tended, the cars washed and where drivers stand waiting for their employers to be driven to the office everyday.The night was pleasantly humid, the chirp of the crickets music in my ears, and the ice cream in my hands just melting enough to make me go at it quickly. Life was good alright…Then we chanced upon this little patch of grass smack dab in the middle of which were a couple of swings. My friend and I looked at each other and back again and then sprinted to those forgotten joys from childhood.Sitting on it, I thought, yes my life was good when I was walking a few minutes back, but now, now it was perfect.And the thought came unbidden, that I had forgotten what innocent pleasure was, instead believing that attaining a status, making a name for myself and being independent was the pinnacle of joy, but the poets are right when they say that you don’t know what joy is unfettered by the chains of the adult world. That it is the prerogative of a child, a being so innocent that there isn’t anything but the sheer joy of living.The innocence seems to add a rosy hue of dreams, open minds and the simple enjoyment derived from a life that has no cares, yet. The moment you feel the swing reach its highest point, you feel invincible, like you could take wings and fly away, leaving the skin that carries the taint of worldliness behind. The sky seems nearer and the problems that weigh you down feel miles away as if they no longer matter and that life has to mean more than that. The kick that you aim at the ground seems to target all those things that try to ground you, the people, the worries, and the little everyday irritations, all seem so far away.Doctors could easily explain away the fact by using grand sounding words like endorphins and adrenaline but I think it’s just a simple word. Regression.I think in a setting like that of a playground, we unleash the child held so tightly within us that even we forget that it is there.But its good to let that child out sometimes and run crazy and barefoot in the park, laugh like a loon at something that has no meaning, simply because you have company to laugh with, or do something outrageous like drink coffee with your friends in CCD with loud slurpy sounds…Life is about living and buried in our humdrum little routines, we forget what it is to feel that exhilaration and the rush of happiness .So, take back your life from whatever closet you have relegated it to, claim it back from the dumpster you threw it in and live it like it was meant to lived. That is what childhood tells us, that life is meant to be lived, yet we forget the first lesson taught us (and so much more pleasantly than it teaches other lessons!). Doesn’t that make children wiser than CEOs?
Yes, the child is truly the father of man.


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