30 Jan 2012

Our great life......or is it??

Is it a paradox that what we value most in our life is what we are moving away from slowly and steadily or is it one of life’s ironies that life forces on us to acknowledge its superiority?
Lets take a look:
We have larger houses(after all we r “civilized”.only savages lived in mud houses) but our families have shrunk.from joint families to nuclear and now microbial?its a common sight to have a lone parent bring up a child.
we believe in surrounding ourself with conveniences, but have less time to enjoy them…when was the last time you listened to ur favourite song on that new ipod?
we collect degrees,yet give away our common sense.we wander in search of knowledge and yet lose our good judgement.
the world has more experts, yet the number of problems is on the rise…
we have more medicines, more cures yet less wellness.we spend recklessly,drive fast,get angry quickly (i know this is the age of jet propulsion but seriously!!!)
we laugh to little,stay up too late, and pray too seldom.
We look to multiply our possessions but in the process reduce our values.we talk too much, listen less, love too little and lie all too often.
We have learned how to make a living, but not how to live, we’ve added years to life and forgotten to added life to those years.
We have taller buildings(and even taller egos) but shorter tempers…
wider roads, and narrower viewpoints.We spend more and still have less,we buy more but yet enjoy it less.We have been all the way to the moon and we have trouble crossing the street to meet our neighbours.funny.
We have conquered outer space but what about inner space?
We split the atom, yet our prejudices remain as solid as ever.
We write more and learn less,plan more accomplish even lesser.We have learnt to rush, yet we never seem to get anywhere.We have higher incomes, yet lower morals.
We built more computers, more machines to help us, yet have less communication.We are long on quantity yet less in quality.
These are the times of fast food and slow digestion,tall men and short characters.More leisure but less fun, more variety of food but less nutrition,2 incomes and more divorce, fancier houses but broken homes.
Ever stop to think why? the why is not important. What is important is what are we going to do about it ???
So i say, don’t keep anything for an occasion because everyday you live IS a special occasion.Thirst for knowledge, read more, take time to smell the flowers, walk in the rain,admire the sunrise(for the larks!) and the sunset(for the owls!)
Spend more time with family(use ur mobiles for the right reasons- finally!!) ,eat your favourite foods, visit the places you love.Use your best china, don’t save on ur best perfume, use it everytime you feel you want it.


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