30 Jan 2012

This Age of Anonymity

Yahoo! messenger the great pioneer of its kind….wow. We all have an account. And use it for our own perverted pleasures. But have we thought, stopped and really thought about its real purpose? To connect the masses.
Well I used it for the same purpose u did. To find so called true love. lol. I even carried it further and baptized my self something.truluv. What a joke that turned out to be when I met someone special and lost him through my own fault. Why? because I was lying. About my looks and profession. But the rest was all me. My words, my deeds and my feelings. So was it really so wrong? As usual we traded our pictures trying to prove we are a girl and a boy. Who actually has their real pictures there anyway. And can you really blame them? With all the bots and spams you’d be crazy to share them indiscriminately. But what began as joke turned around and bit me in the ass 3 days later. As I fell for the guy I was talking to. The question was how to tell him that this persona I had draped over me was all hot air and moon beams. I tried to let him go. I really did. I swear to you I thought that he would be better off not knowing about my deception ,knowing he had said he loved me and I would be breaking his heart.  And mine.
And trust me I tried. Told him we should break off our friendship. That I would never feel anything more than friendship for him. As I saw his heart break I saw mine stop. He accepted my decision. But came back roaring to know why we couldn’t meet, even as friends. God forgive me, I told him.  And saw, felt his heart quietly shatter into a million pieces. And mine that had stopped, died.
So this was to be my punishment. The penance I would do for deceiving a true person. But why should we decieve ?is it necessity?a friend and I discussed the reason we are so comfortable talking about ourselves on the net. We leave reality behind us. It gives us a chance to be ourselves. Even if it’s just a change of name.Escapism? Or something deeper? It seems simply that people want to be reassured that they are alive, even if by virtual contact.
It is our ultra ego. The one we want to be but can’t be. Then would being this person be lying? Or would it be actually displaying our real selves as we never could do in the real world, knowing the limits and restriction put on us by the very society we live in.There is a certain truth in that too.
(And here we come to an important question : do we make the society or does it make us? but this is a question that demands another post all its own.)
The question is also undoubtedly moral, are we really cheating? And if yes then who? Other?Ourself? And Anthropological, wouldn’t it be better if there was one place where we could be ourselves? Certainly it would be good for us to have an outlet to purge some negative emotions (or those that could be perceived negative by others). So then is it wrong? I am not trying to justify what I had done but yes I can now face myself in the mirror and admit that I was wrong but maybe at a totally different level.

Net has now evolved as the “in” way to meet people but at what cost to us? We lie more, we cheat more, we waste time and end up disppointing or disillusioned. So then where is the middle ground?
We arrived at the conclusion that satisfied us both. It is alright as long as you are not hurting anybody but immensely wrong if pain results as a result of your action. We had reached where we all stand sub-consciously anyway. Because no one wants to willingly hurt people. Then why does it happen that we do?

It  isn’t people that hurt other people. It’s just some thoughtless decisions they make for the sake of simplicity, for the sake of appearances, for the  simple fact that they didn’t think. So let us start thinking, and taking conscious decisions before we end up hurt, or more importantly, hurt someone else.


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